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TLS Connectivity Changes

Potentially the most high-risk impact of not upgrading TLS to v1.1 or higher is to Blackbaud Payment Services™, which includes Blackbaud Payment Service, Blackbaud Merchant Services™, Blackbaud Secure Payments, and Blackbaud MobilePay™.

  • Donors will be unable to make online donations; impacts both hosted and on-premise customers
  • Customers will be unable to process online donations; impacts both hosted and on-premise customers

Blackbaud hosted solutions impacting both hosted and on-premise customers; customers can include third-party partners and vendors of Blackbaud.

  • Customers and donors will be unable to connect to hosted solutions and services including but not limited to:
    • Payment services as described above
    • Hosted applications
      • Customers cannot access the applications we host on their behalf
      • Donors, patrons, parents, students, etc. cannot access customer websites hosted on the customer’s behalf. For example, donor pages, store fronts, community websites, and online registration pages
    • Email services
    • Analytic services, for example:
      • MatchFinder®
      • Prospect Research
      • Data Health Scorecards
    • FTPS services
      • Used to store hosted customer documents and reports
      • Used to drop off and return flat files for analytics processing.
    • Connector Services, for example:
      • Raiser’s Edge™/Sphere® connector; where Raiser’s Edge is on-premise and Sphere is hosted.
      • Raiser’s Edge/Luminate Online™; where Raiser’s Edge is on-premise and Luminate Online is hosted.
      • Raiser’s Edge/Blackbaud NetCommunity™; where Raiser’s Edge is on-premise and BBNC is hosted.
      • Mobile Event management apps.
    • Blackbaud web services driving Raiser’s Edge Mobile Event Management
    • Mobile service for the Raiser’s Edge driving RE:Mobile.
    • Any number of customizations with terminating endpoints to Blackbaud hosted web services; there are many unknowns in this area due to the nature of how our APIs can be used to create customizations
      • Blackbaud-built customizations; not always cataloged
      • Customer-built customizations; not cataloged
      • Third-party-built customizations; not always cataloged, some may be cataloged if Blackbaud has a relationship with the third party.

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