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Nonprofit Email Marketing: Connect. Engage. Activate.

Why has email become such a critical channel of communication for nonprofits? Organizations that interact with each constituent in terms that are relevant to him or her find it easier to cultivate affinity and support, and email offers these benefits like no other communication channel. Today’s donor spends more time online than at the kitchen table reading mail and expects personalized information that’s up-to-date and easy to consume. With Blackbaud’s solution to email marketing for nonprofits, organizations can send more relevant information more frequently with greater response, thanks to the platform’s cost effectiveness, flexibility, and measurability.

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Email Marketing for Nonprofits at a Glance:

Grow Subscribers

List churn can be the most challenging aspect of an email marketing program. It takes a reader next to no effort to block your messages or unsubscribe if they don’t like what they hear from you. Thanks to the ability to respect communication preferences and provide meaningful messages and engaging online content, Blackbaud’s customers’ lists grow by 30% each year, versus the average 30% decline reported by Forrester research.

Take advantage of these best practices to ensure you have an engaged and growing list.


Target Audiences

Email is most effective when its content and context is personalized. With Blackbaud, you can easily build segments, using any data you capture in your database, to better target your fundraising email messages. Response data then automatically flows back through to your database, allowing even better targeting on the next message.

Understand why true integration makes meaningful segmentation easier.


Create Compelling Messages

Online messages may be intended to convey the same information as traditional marketing pieces, but to be most successful, they should be tailored to their special channel. Blackbaud experts can help you create emails with the appropriate conversational tone and professional design that ensure your messages are read, forwarded, and acted on.


Track and Measure Responses

Reap the benefits of real-time analysis of your email marketing efforts with open and click tracking to see who opened your emails, and what links they clicked on. With Blackbaud’s email marketing solutions you can monitor and manage your email deliverability, click-through, and conversion rates. Our easy-to-use email tools give you the ability to review these metrics and respond nimbly so that you can get the best results and further optimize your success.


Improve Results

Blackbaud email marketing solutions can drive donors to Blackbaud-enabled sites offering user-friendly, intuitive navigation and pre-filled forms that make donating, registering for events, buying memberships, and more, simple and fulfilling, resulting in 10 times the industry average conversion rate. Also, you can schedule emails to be sent for when your audience is most likely to check email, increasing the likelihood they'll read it and take action.



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