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Multichannel marketing is now the norm, but how do nonprofit marketers plan for success? How do you envision, execute, and measure campaigns without the data and tools you need to make effective decisions? With VantagePoint, you’ll have the clear insight you need to make decisions with confidence. Our approach brings opportunities into view by centralizing fundraising sources and turning your data into timely, actionable information—without the manual effort. Interactive, business intelligence tools provide industry-standard KPIs and dashboards that visualize fundraising performance to quickly bring attention where it’s needed most. As a result, you’ll make better investment decisions, drive new revenue, and increase engagement across channels.

VantagePoint at a Glance:

All Your Data from All Your Campaigns

With increasingly sophisticated multichannel marketing, donor data has become fragmented and trends are becoming harder to see. Many organizations are spending more time wrestling with data than actually using it. VantagePoint can solve this issue by summarizing data from all of your fundraising sources and marketing touches into one view to give you the answers you need, when you need them.


Unleash the Power of Your Peer-to-Peer Data

Online fundraising solutions are powerful tools that enable your supporters to register, communicate with contacts, and raise money. But in order to grow your program year after year you need more than a revenue report. With VantagePoint you can move beyond reporting on day-to-day program activities and begin learning about overall fundraising, participant, and donor trends so you can make informed decisions.


Visualize Your Fundraising Strategy and Campaigns

With VantagePoint, you can easily explore trends and enable collaboration with interactive data discovery tools. Graphical reports and dashboards are intuitive, even for the occasional user. And power users can drill down deep into the data too. You’ll uncover the true drivers of success and be able to quickly change course to maximize revenue and constituent engagement.


Reveal Your Sustainer Powerhouse

Sustained giving is one of the most valuable investments supporters can make to your organization. But do you know what factors impact your sustainer retention? VantagePoint gives you the power to find the keys to improving sustainer retention and maximizing value from your most loyal donors over the long term.


Designed for Nonprofits

Drawing from the insight of the largest nonprofit community and more than 30 years of research and development by the world’s leading technology provider for nonprofits, VantagePoint is designed specifically for nonprofits and their agency partners. Industry-standard KPIs and dashboards provide immediate answers to your most critical questions.


Secure and Maintenance Free

VantagePoint provides business intelligence without burdening your IT department. You can expect a high-performance cloud solution, safeguarded and updated by Blackbaud on your behalf. It’s accessed through your web browser, and there’s no coding or maintenance required.



Infographic: The Difference Between Being Reactive and Proactive

It's two months before the Big Event and everyone is asking for updates. Sound familiar? Learn more about going from reactive to proactive. View the Infographic!


Video: VantagePoint Product Overview

You know the answers to mission-critical questions are hidden in your data, but how do you find them? With VantagePoint! It allows you to quickly and easily spot trends, answer questions about marketing performance, and more. Watch it in action to learn more. Watch the video!


Infographic: What Today's Nonprofit Marketer Needs

Times are changing, which means your campaigns need to keep up or risk falling behind. Use the tips in this infographic to learn how to design, implement, and measure marketing campaigns that drive engagement. View the Infographic!


Tip Sheet: Choosing the Right Business Intelligence Solution for Your Nonprofit

Not sure what your data is telling you? This tip sheet will have you asking seven questions about your current software solution and if it’s time to make the switch to something that can help you segment, dissect, and understand your data better. Read the tip sheet.


Brochure: Revealing Your Success with VantagePoint

We all know multichannel marketing is now the norm. The big question is this: In this world of increasing complexity and expectations, how do nonprofit marketers actually plan for success? With VantagePoint you can quickly and easily spot trends, answer questions about marketing performance, and more. Read the brochure.


Brochure: Behind the Scenes with VantagePoint

It’s two months before your event and in a perfect world you’d be able to easily compare current performance with last year’s and even the year before. Sound familiar? VantagePoint brings together all of your data from all of your events so that you can explore trends and quickly assess year-to-date totals without manual calculations. Read the brochure.


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