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Data Enrichment Services

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When The Quality of Your Nonprofit Data is Your First Priority

Getting the most from your database requires a commitment to data quality, knowledge of nonprofit best practices, and powerful information to profile your constituents. Our data enrichment services include features such as NCOALink™, deceased screening, social media profiling, advanced modeling for segmentation, occupational insight, and specialized contact appends to help keep your data clean, accurate, and bursting at the seams with supporter insights.

Best-in-class fundraisers assess their data health, correct existing issues, and then append the data they need for game-changing supporter insights.

Blackbaud Persistent Key

The single source for identifying and integrating your donor records, Blackbaud Persistent Key enables you to pinpoint and track unique records in your database. We utilize best-in-class parsing, data standardization and matching algorithms to perform a complete review across your entire database—or multiple databases—to key individual and household accounts. If you are working across databases, thinking about a database migration or simply wish to streamline your current dataset, Blackbaud Persistent Key provides the insight needed delivered in a simple-to-use format.

The Data Health Scorecard

Every leader wants to know how they stack up against their peers. With the Data Health Scorecard, a complimentary service that evaluates your organization’s data health across seven different categories, assigns an overall grade and recommends how to fix identified problems. You’ll not only know where your data stands, you’ll also get an estimate of exactly how much money bad data is costing you.

Address Quality Best Practices

There are three golden rules of data quality: keep bad information from hitting the database, update the good data at least once a quarter, and don’t impose yourself on a household in distress. Our solutions combine the concepts of address validation through necessary NCOALink, best practice PCOA, and thoughtful deceased suppression to help your organization manage its constituents across its entire supporter lifecycle.

Enterprise Data Quality

Enterprise Quality Data is the simple, fast, and powerful solution that will leave your organization confident that constituent data is clean, accurate, and in good hands. Combined with NCOALink and the Social Security Death Benefit Index, Enterprise Quality Data makes it possible to:

  • Standardize your database according to U.S. postal regulations
  • Ensure your database has the most current address for every constituent
  • Correct major gaps, like missing apartment numbers, misspelled street names, and more
  • Identify any deceased supporters
  • Update your database in just hours, instead of days or weeks

Enterprise Data Quality will keep you focused on delivering strategic value for your organization—not mired in the day-to-day muck of data problems.

MatchFinder Services

Thousands of companies offer matching gift programs to promote employee giving. Are you taking advantage of this free revenue? Donors are more likely to give, and likely to upgrade, when they know their donation goes farther with a match from their employer. With MatchFinder services, you can now help search, identify, and append employer information for your constituent records. The service provides access to more than 20,000 companies in the United States and Canada that offer matching gift benefits to their employees and returns relevant contact information and match forms to help facilitate and expedite matching gifts. This allows you to:

  • Scan your database to find hidden matching gift employers
  • Add employer information to donor records
  • Integrate matching gift search features to your own website

Supporter Profiling

If your organization wants to stay relevant in a sea of distractions, it needs to truly understand its constituents. Using the Supporter View database, Blackbaud provides access to data appends for more than 600 supporter attributes; from ages and incomes, to passions, lifestyle segments, and social profiling. We help you do everything from appending a single variable, to overlaying all 600 attributes for advanced segmentation and modeling.

Modeling-Ready Data Sets

Because we’re in the business of helping your organization predict its supporters’ behavior, we know how hard it is to prepare and manage the information you need to do the job right. We also know that many organizations want to write the algorithms themselves, so they can learn on the fly, and adapt their approach as needed. To help you succeed, we make hundreds of our supporter view attributes available in modeling-ready format at the individual, household, and geographic level. Our goal is to provide an easy-to-use, reusable data set so that you can spend your time improving fundraising performance, not filling in holes in your constituent information.

Multichannel Contact Information

Keeping up with changing supporter engagement preferences is mandatory in this multichannel world. As donors increase the ways they interact with organizations, yearly donation levels also increase. We can help you append contact information across every relevant channel, including mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and social media handles, such as Facebook®, Twitter®, and LinkedIn®.

Wealth and Capacity Indexing

If your organization wants to target high-value prospects, we provide access to the best liquidity information available on the planet. We’ve partnered with the IXI Corporation to help you evaluate the liquidity levels of the most affluent individuals in the United States using services like Income360™, Discretionary Spending Dollars, and Echelon Power Segments™.

Mosaic Lifestyle Segmentation

It pays to know as much as you can about your supporter base. A Mosaic segmentation assigns each of an organization’s donors & prospects to a lifestyle segment, where they are grouped with individuals who share common traits, such as wealth, finances, occupation, personal interests, social influence, etc… nonprofits use the details around those segments to understand more about their donors, segment them into manageable groups, and then enhance the way they engage and message prospects.

Specialized Appends

If it’s donor information you want, you’ve come to the right place. Blackbaud offers an entire suite of specialized appends that can identify a supporter’s employer, pinpoint their congressional or legislative district, tell you if they’re in a matching-gift program, and more. This kind of information is used to target specific individuals, drive special programs, and ensure that your organization is optimizing relationships with key supporters.


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