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Blackbaud Direct Marketing for Raiser's Edge

Blackbaud Direct Marketing for Raiser's Edge how-to documentation includes the help file in the program, user guides, a new features video, and more!

Blackbaud Direct Marketing Help

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Blackbaud Direct Marketing for Raiser's Edge User Guides

Getting Started

Before you use Blackbaud Direct Marketing we recommend you review the tools and features that appear throughout the program. We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the new features, installation, and upgrade information.

Blackbaud Direct Marketing New Features and Enhancements

Infinity Platform Installation and Upgrade Guide

General Features Guide

Setup and Administration

The Setup and Administration guides help you set up, configure, and customize Blackbaud Direct Marketing for Raiser's Edge.


Batch and Import



Page Designer


These guides teach you about all the important features of marketing efforts in Blackbaud Direct Marketing for Raiser's Edge.

Marketing Efforts for Raiser's Edge

Marketing Planner

Reports and Analysis

The Reports and Analysis guides teach you how to use data mart, OLAP tools, query, export, reports, and key performance indicators.

Reports and KPIs

Data Warehouse

Query and Export


The integration guides help you integrate Blackbaud Direct Marketing with Raiser's Edge and Blackbaud NetCommunity.

Raiser's Edge Integration

Blackbaud NetCommunity Integration

New Features Guide for Previous Versions of Blackbaud Direct Marketing

Blackbaud Direct Marketing 3.0

Blackbaud Direct Marketing 2.91

Blackbaud Direct Marketing 2.7

Blackbaud Direct Marketing 2.6

Blackbaud Direct Marketing 2.5

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