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Blackbaud CRM: Constituent Management

Focus on Constituent Relationship Management

Blackbaud CRM places constituents squarely in the center of your organization by bringing together information from different departments, offices, and systems and combining it into a single source. Blackbaud CRM is the one place where an organization can showcase the holistic relationship it has with a constituent and where constituent preferences are respected across channels.


It’s What You Know and Whom You Know

Understanding the relationships between constituents in a database is a key element of operating a successful nonprofit organization. If you are going to approach an individual or organization about getting involved with your mission, it is essential to try and uncover relationships that these constituents have with other supporters and organizations so you can make a warm introduction. Blackbaud CRM provides the robust relationship capabilities you need to help you understand the connections between people and organizations.

A Solution as Unique as Your Constituents

Blackbaud CRM is extensive enough to provide support for many business processes unique to each organization. This could mean configuring a workflow that addresses distinct situations, such as disaster relief, so that you can easily deploy a team to a remote location and provide them access to the entire solution. In the past, those interactions would have been difficult to manage. Blackbaud CRM does not require complex customization to manage these different types of programs and constituents, just configuration. Each organization has certain qualities and functions that make it special and that must be considered to have a holistic view of all constituents and their interactions.

Learn more about the extensibility of Blackbaud CRM on our Developer’s Network.


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