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Lutheran Heritage Foundation

Blackbaud® NetCommunity OnDemand™ Helps Lutheran Heritage Foundation Connect with Constituents Online

Lutheran Heritage Foundation (LHF) translates, publishes, distributes, and introduces books that are Bible-based, Christ-centered, and Reformation-driven. LHF has published the Lutheran catechism in more than 50 languages. In the past decade, LHF has published and distributed more than 450 titles and 3 million Lutheran books to pastors, seminary students, missionaries, and churches — all at no cost to the recipients.


  • As a small organization, the Lutheran Heritage Foundation does not have the staff and expertise to build and manage a website. Nor does it have the IT staff to manage and maintain the software used.
  • LHF did not have the ability to accept online donations.
  • The organization had been using an outside vendor to manage its website making updates difficult and time-consuming.


  • LHF partnered with Blackbaud to deliver a website design that was appealing and user-friendly.
  • LHF selected Blackbaud NetCommunity OnDemand because it enables the organization to update and manage its website internally without the need to understand HTML.
  • Additionally, LHF also gets the ability to send electronic communications using Blackbaud NetCommunity OnDemand.
  • With the solution, LHF can now accept donations online including recurring gifts.


  • After sending electronic communications, LHF quadruples the number of hits to its website.
  • LHF has been able to increase the number of recurring gifts processed automatically online from zero to 14, giving the organization more than $1,000 guaranteed monthly income.
  • LHF has received more than $19,000 from 147 transactions online since implementing the solution.
  • Almost half of the organization’s credit/debit card donations are now processed conveniently through Blackbaud NetCommunity OnDemand.

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