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Focus on the Faith. Simplify the Business.

As an organization of faith, it is imperative to engage, evangelize, and build your supporter community whether they be local, regional, national, or global. Creating excitement and meaningful calls to action are important elements of effective outreach, however, growing the enthusiasm of your most active supporters is crucial. Whether they are parishioners, members, congregants, donors, or supporters, Blackbaud offers solutions that can assist you and your team to better engage, communicate, expand, measure, and manage your growth strategies. Discover how our solutions can assist with your mission fulfillment.

Strengthen Your Bond

The path to faith-centered mission delivery requires the nurturing of exceptional relationships. The ability to easily capture, understand, analyze, and use relevant information to enhance your team’s engagements with current and potential supporters is essential. Easy-to-use technology that is accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device can deliver the right information to the right staff member for better engagement and stewardship efforts.

Learn how to empower your team with Blackbaud Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) and fundraising solutions to better understand and engage those that steward your mission.

Connect, Engage, Inspire, Evangelize

In today’s connected world it is critical to use multiple channels to communicate and engage with your supporters of all ages. Adoption of technologically powered communication methods is a highly efficient way to continue to build on your personal relationships. Solutions designed to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time serve to create a highly-informed supporter base. Whether you are engaging potential volunteers, newcomers, financial stewards, or looking to further evangelize, Blackbaud’s Internet Solutions can help.

Expand Your Social Network

Social media has been an exceptional method for people of faith to engage, communicate, and share their good works. Gaining a better understanding of your most socially active advocates through social media listening tools can help you deliver better communications to inspire their social network. New engagement channels can be added by finding those who passionately advocate on your behalf. The use of simple social media listening strategies can assist your supporters to deliver creative and vibrant messages that drive action and create new revenue. Discover how Blackbaud’s online listening solutions can improve your social network strategies.

Gain Insights on Those That Support Your Mission

Understanding who desires to financially support your faith mission, and also if they have the means to do so is a difficult task. Knowing who and how much to ask for can make the difference between achieving your financial goals and alienating a strong supporter.

With Blackaud’s analytics, prospect research can provide donor insights so you can be highly informed regarding potential funding efforts. The right information can lead to the appropriate ask; whether it be for a major gift, a bequest, a small recurring donation, or a volunteer effort.

Raise More Funds

Fundraising is imperative to financially nourishing your mission. Engaging existing funders as well as finding creative approaches to identifying new supporters is critical to growing the healthy revenue required to deliver your mission.

Blackbaud solutions are designed to enhance and diversify your revenue streams. We simplify your fundraising so that you can work more efficiently to grow your supporter base and cultivate those you currently have. Spend less time in your data and more time on what matters most to you.


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