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Analyze and benchmark your donor giving behavior and fundraising performance with donorCentrics.

donorCentrics puts the donor, rather than the campaign, at the center of the analysis, evaluating the current giving of each constituent in light of their past giving behavior to maximize the value of each donor relationship. This service transforms the transactional information in your database into a plan of action for future success, allowing you to:

  • Assess key giving performance metrics to evaluate your past strategies and identify significant growth opportunities
  • Benchmark with peers to develop best practices and discover new techniques for success
  • Find underperforming donor segments and quickly drill down to specific account IDs to take immediate action

donorCentrics provides a reliable framework for performance assessment and an unbiased, standardized platform for peer-to-peer benchmarking and collaboration. Our products and services include comprehensive analytic reports which use the latest data visualization techniques to bring your data to life, innovative interactive applications and dashboards that help you discover growth opportunities, strategic consulting services, and collaborative benchmarking workshops.

First introduced in 1989, donorCentrics currently serves more than 500 organizations across more than 20 countries. Over 90% of benchmarking participants renew their service every year.

Learn more about donorCentrics products and services for national and regional nonprofits or for colleges and universities.


donorCentrics at a Glance:

donorCentrics Overall Program Assessment

Overall Program Assessment (OPA) is a donor-centric analytic report that helps you understand your fundraising program performance and donor giving behavior and develop strategies to increase the value of your constituent relationships. It is based on an analysis of gift transactions and donor information from your CRM system. The OPA is far more comprehensive than a typical file audit and shows color graphics and advanced data visualizations to highlight data trends and outliers. It’s a great resource for establishing performance goals, forecasting program growth, communicating program performance to staff and board members, identifying areas for improvement, and preserving institutional memory during staff transitions. Once the OPA report is completed, a senior fundraising analyst from our team will analyze the report and present a summary of findings which includes specific strategies for improving your organization’s program.


donorCentrics Collaborative Benchmarking Service

donorCentrics Collaborative Benchmarking helps nonprofits work as a group to assess past strategies and identify opportunities for growth. This unique service includes a series of comprehensive performance analysis reports and an innovative benchmarking workshop where participants share their best practices in fundraising. donorCentrics metrics are based on historical transactional information and are standardized across organizations to provide the most accurate, unbiased comparative performance information available today. There are direct marketing benchmarking groups based on market, sector, mission, and organization size, and specialty benchmarking groups that focus on key fundraising areas such as events, premiums, online/digital marketing, and recurring giving.


donorCentrics Dashboards

donorCentrics Dashboards are web-based applications that provide a fast, easy, and intuitive visual interface for analyzing fundraising program performance and constituent giving behavior. Dashboards are a natural extension to the Collaborative Benchmarking Service to monitor fundraising performance as the year progresses, discover mid-year opportunities for growth, and drill-down to specific account IDs to take immediate action on key constituent groups. Each dashboard presents metrics for multiple years, so current performance can always be viewed in the context of past results. Full-year performance metrics can be displayed beside year-to-date performance, providing valuable insight into whether year-end targets are likely to be achieved


donorCentrics Explorer

The donorCentrics Explorer is an interactive analytic application for detailed evaluation of donor giving trends and fundraising program performance. donorCentrics Explorer provides fast query access to a Target Analytics-hosted database of key donor behavior and revenue metrics. It is a popular add-on to our donorCentrics Collaborative Benchmarking service, extending the core analysis with custom analytic dimensions for additional power and flexibility. The donorCentrics Explorer database is updated on a frequent basis, providing continuous program assessment throughout the year. donorCentrics Explorer customers participate in facilitated discovery sessions with our senior fundraising analysts to review the performance trends and find opportunities for program growth.


E-Participation Site for Regional, National, and International Organizations

E-Participation Site for Public Broadcasting

E-Participation Site for Higher Education

donorCentrics e-Participation Site

To begin:

  1. Contact your account manager to sign up. If you don't have an account manager or you are not sure who to contact, please email
  2. Fax your signed contract to 617.354.0895.
  3. 3. Enter your e-Participation site to complete your surveys by clicking on the relevant link below. You will receive your username and password by mail.
    E-Participation Site for Regional, National, and International Organizations
    E-Participation Site for Public Broadcasting
    E-Participation Site for Higher Education
  4. Submit your data to Target Analytics via encrypted FTP. (Click here to read more about instructions and data specifications.)

Please contact our Target Analytics support hotline at 617.583.8576 or if you have any questions.

We look forward to working with you!



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